Intentional Intention

In the Yoga of Intention, by intentionally or willfully generating intention, also called volition, we begin to assimilate with the experience of non-volitional intention. It then becomes easier to notice the mind factor of intention preceding mental or physical consequences. It also becomes easier to generate wise intention which subsequently leads to wise and compassionate action in ones life.

The Yoga of Intention is a delicate blend of yoga, body scanning, and a modified version of Yogananda's spiritual exercises (found in SRF Lessons for Home Study) using meditative volition.

The YoI instructions consist of five steps:

First, a body part (ie the left foot) is brought into awareness.
Second, the dominant sensation through which the body part is known is noticed along with qualities of the sensation.
Third, the practitioner forms the intention to tense the body part, but without actually tensing it.
Fourth, the intention is sustained briefly.
Fifth, the intention is released with attention focused on the release.

When this sequence is experienced and repeated for each body part in the body scan, ones relationship with the body part, the sensation, and with intention deepens. The results can change one's relationship with chronic pain and reverberate throughout ones life.

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